July 3, 2017


Life Lessons From A Guy That Almost Died

I’ll teach you the success principles I learned on my journey through life until now.
I learned those principles as an amateur boxer.
I observed the same principles on my father. He built multiple businesses and got rich in a country where most are very poor. He also did many stupid things and he ended up with a lot of debt and in prison.
Those are the same principles I learned by observing other successful or unsuccessful people in my life.
Some of those principles I also validated through reading books. Random Fact: I’ve read 24 books in 2017, by July.
I made my own mistakes too. I had a drinking problem at a time.
My biggest mistake yet wasn’t related to drinking, boxing or such things. My biggest mistake until now is producing a deadly car accident. I took a life and I almost died. It taught me many things, but I am still haunted by the image to this day.

I Want To Transfer Everything I Learned To You

I want you to learn from my successes and failures and use them to get yourself higher than I could ever get.
If you are new you can start here:
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