We Are Creatures Of Habit

Most of what we do every day is done on habit, not conscious decisions.

You wake up when you do because of habit. You eat when you eat out of habit. The way you drive is by habit.

If you work out, you probably do it out of habit. If you read books or watch TV it’s still out of habit.

We Are Creatures Of Habit

This is very important. Your habits can make or break you.

If you have habits like snoozing, overeating, smoking, drinking alcohol, watching TV and spending all your money on useless stuff you’re going to have a hard time doing anything.

Having good habits like waking up early, eating healthy, exercising, reading books, saving money will set you up for success.

Make Your Habits So They Can Make You

Start enforcing good habits now. How? By doing them.

Every time you do something, that thing is enforced in your brain. Something about neurological pathways. Don’t ask cause I don’t know.

The idea is that the more you do something the more prone you are to do it again.

So it really comes down to forcing yourself to do the good choices until they become habits.

I think that the most powerful sentence to help you do this is:

Every time you choose to do something the probability you’ll do it again raises. – me

Remember those words before you eat junk food, watch Netflix, skip gym or snooze.

P.S.: Thinking and beliefs are habitual too. Make sure you enforce positive thinking and beliefs.