Strength Is A Skill

Strength is a skill just like chess or boxing.

The more you practice a skill, the better you get at it.

You want to get stronger? Start practicing strength. Start lifting/throwing/pushing stuff around.

The more you lift, in weight as in number, the stronger you become.

This means that you could practice strength by doing a lot of push-ups.

But you could also practice strength by pulling on a resistance band.

And yes, you can also practice strength lifting weights, doing gymnastics, lifting odd objects or people and anything else you’d like.

High reps or big weights? Who cares?

Slow reps or fast reps? Who cares?

Two 30-minute sessions, one one-hour session or six 10-minute sessions? Who cares?

Training in the morning, afternoon, evening or at midnight? Who cares?

Bodyweight, iron weight or odd objects? Who cares?

I don’t know who cares. Maybe your friends do. Maybe you do.

But I tell you who doesn’t care. Your body doesn’t care.

The actual training method doesn’t matter.

Being consistent and pushing further every time matters.