How To Lose 2kg Of Fat A Month

Do this

  1. Get “MyFitnessPal” ( a phone application);
  2. Get a digital food scale;
  3. Calculate how much calories your body burns daily (weight in lbs * 12 + exercise);
  4. Every day, count exactly how much calories you eat with the app and the scale;
  5. Eat 500 calories less than how much you burn per day.

Let me give you an example

If you weight 80 kg, you first convert that into lbs, by multiplying it by 2,2. This means your weight is 176 lbs. 176 lbs times 12 results in 2112. This (2112) is a number of calories your body uses (without taking into account any exercise).

Let’s say you swim leisurely for an hour every day. This means that you burn an extra 500 calories through exercise. Add this to 2112 and now we know you burn 2612 calories each day. To start your diet, eat 2112 calories a day. That’s 500 calories less than what you use ( your maintenance).

This way you’ll lose about 2 kg of fat per month.

I used this method to drop about 10 kg of fat in about 5 months.

Of course, you’ll have to adapt the whole calculus every month or so. The less you weigh, the fewer calories your body uses.