Give, Before You Ask

I know the title says “Give, before you ask”, but you should just give. Give and not ask anything. Give and not expect anything. Give more than you receive. Love others more than you love yourself and put their interests first.

“What is this?”

I know it seems counter-intuitive. It shouldn’t. I could write myself about it, or I could give you the source. The people that put those words together inspired me to try this blogging thing once more . They made me hopeful once more.

Here is the link. I want you to read everything IceCreamKid has to say. It’s pure gold. I also want you to read “The Go-Giver“, a book¬†recommendation¬†made by frieden70. The book accurately depicts the “give without asking for anything” philosophy. I take it all to the heart.

All being said, IceCreamKid, frieden70, Bob Burg, John David Mann. I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for inspiring this 20-year-old kid.