Consistency Is The Name Of The Game

Picture This

You get a new idea/get into a new thing. Maybe you start exercising/programming/reading. Pick whatever you want. You are fired up about it. You plan to do it for 4-6 hours every day. Of course, you’ll be giving 110% each session.

By your math, in the next couple months, you should get to [insert awesome goal]. Maybe it’s a number of kilograms lost/dollars made/books read.

You start applying your plan. It works well. It’s been two weeks now and you’ve done all that’s mentioned above every day.

A couple weeks later, something changes. You’re not so fired up anymore. It starts to get hard/complicated/confusing/boring. A couple more weeks and you gave up without even realizing. You can’t even muster the energy to do your thing for 30 minutes a day.

Your whole plan has gone to shit.

What Happened?

I tell you what happened. You’ve bitten more than you could chew.

The saying is right, easy does it. Next time take it easier. Start with one hour a day and be consistent.

My grade school teacher used to say:

Drop by drop you fill the bucket.

We also have a saying where I live. It goes like this:

You can’t fatten the pig in the easter eve.

Those are similar to the Chinese saying:

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step

Well, that’s the whole point, friend. You must take it step by step. You can’t leap over all the stairs. The only way you can do it is to do a step today and a step tomorrow and do a step every day.

Yes, just a little step. Maybe just 30 minutes or an hour towards your goal. But do it daily and it will add up

I wanted to embed you a video of Jocko Willink. He talks about the importance of consistency in exercising. I couldn’t figure it out, but here’s the link.